About Solution Focused Practice

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Solution Focused Practice is a future-oriented, competency-based approach, with a solid evidence-based practice and a robust body of research. It has roots at the Mental Research Institute in Palo Alto, California and in social constructivism, with strong links to neuroscience. With a deep connection and influence from the brilliant psychiatrist, Milton Erickson, it was developed by Steve de Shazer, Insoo Kim Berg and their colleagues at the Brief Family Therapy Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They spent more than 25 years observing hundreds of hours of sessions and preserved what supported desired client change and discarded what didn't, carefully paying attention to the questions, behaviors, and emotions that helped clients form realistic, achievable, real-life solutions.


SFBT highlights the client's capabilities and helps them adopt an alternative perspective on their future to build a more realistic and optimistic perspective and help them be aware of their successes, both past and present. It is a pragmatic approach, and draws from what has worked and is working in a person's life and build's on these successes to co-create small steps that the client is invested in doing. This model of counseling and consultation began in the therapy room and has been successfully expanded to many other settings. such as education, hospitals. prisons,  government policy, corporate setting, social services and many more. 

The Solution Focused approach is a highly effective model in

therapy, education, coaching, consultancy and organizational development.

2022 Solution Focused Brief Therapy Training


2022 Level 1 Training  

Certified Solution Focused Practitioner

​Training Requirements, 50 Hours

  • Basic Degree | 6 days (42 hrs)

  • Supervision (3 hrs)

  • Oral Exam (1 hr)

  • Self - Study (4 hrs)

Course Fee:  SGD $3,000

2022 Training Schedule 

Intake 1:  Jan - Mar 2022, 9:00 – 5:00

  • Foundations of SFBT Part 1: 20 - 21 Jan

  • Foundations of SFBT Part 2: 17 - 18 Feb

  • Microskills in SFBT: 14 - 15 Mar

Intake 2:  Apr - June 2022, 9:00 – 5:00

  • Foundations of SFBT Part I:  11 - 12 Apr

  • Foundations of SFBT Part 2:  9 - 10 May

  • Microskills in SFBT:  13 - 14 Jun

Intake 3:  Jul - Sep 2022, 9:00 – 5:00

  • Foundations of SFBT Part 1:  4 - 5 Jul

  • Foundations of SFBT Part 2:  8 - 9 Aug

  • Microskills in SFBT:  12 - 13 Sep

2022 Level 2 Training  

Advanced Solution Focused Practitioner


  • Mod 1: SF with Families, 10 - 11 Oct

  • Mod 2: SF w/ Youth, 7 - 8 Nov

  • Mod 3: SF w/Grief & Loss, 5 - 6 Dec

   Course Fee: SGD $3,000

2023 Level 3 Training 

(Dates & Topics to be confirmed)

Master Solution Focused Practitioner

  • Module 1:  SFBT with Mandated Clients

  • Module 2:  SFBT with Domestic Violence

  • Module 3:  SFBT and Microanalysis

  Course Fee: SGD $3,000

 Certifications We Offer

  • Level 1:  Certified Solution Focused Practitioner

  • Level 2:  Advanced Solution Focused Practitioner

  • Level 3:  Master Solution Focused Practitioner 

   Training Format for the Course

  • Conducted live using Zoom

  • Download at www.zoom.us

  • Link sent before each session

  • Need laptop and good internet

   International Appeal

  • Convenient for Global audience 

  • Assessable training and certification

"When Debbie first introduced me to SF as a therapist, I thought I would simply be adding a ‘positive’ perspective to my basket of tools and techniques. What I discovered was a philosophy, a mindset which changed my life and set me off on an adventure, seeking solutions, instead of digging for problems. I loved the authenticity and wonder of exploring and discovering ‘what’s working’, like a child opening a longed-for present on her birthday, and I carry that with me always."  -- Lilian Ing,  Reg Clin Psych (MA), Executive Coach (PCC-ICF)