Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Professional Training Leading to Certification

for Counselors, Social Workers & Psychologists

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►2020 SFBT Level 1 Training

Certified Solution Focused Practitioner

July2020 Intake:​ Online - closed

  • Foundations Part I, 6 - 7 Jul 2020

  • Foundations Part II, 3 - 4 Aug 2020

  • Microskills in SFBT, 20 - 21 Aug 2020

Setp2020 Intake: Online - open

  • Foundations Part I, 1 - 2 Oct  2020

  • Foundations Part II, 22 - 23 Oct 2020

  • Microskills in SFBT, 26 - 27 Nov 2020

►2020 SFBT Level 2 Training

Advanced Solution Focused Practitioner

  • SF with Self-Harming & Addictions, 6 - 7 Oct 2020

    • Debbie Hogan & Andrew da Roza (Promises)

  • SF with Youth Work, 5 - 6 Nov 2020

    • Lee Yi Ping (IMH/CHAT) & Joe Chan (REACH Youth)

  • SF Youth Coaching, 3 - 4 Dec 2020

    • Edwin Choy (Resourcefull)

  • Workshops can be taken toward certification or individually. Group discounts available.

►2020 SFBT Level 3 Training

Master Solution Focused Practitioner

  (Dates and topics to be confirmed)

  • Solution Focused Supervision

  • Solution Focused trauma Work

  • SF Facilitation with Teams and Groups

"When Debbie first introduced me to SF as a therapist, I thought I would simply be adding a ‘positive’ perspective to my basket of tools and techniques. What I discovered was a philosophy, a mindset which changed my life and set me off on an adventure, seeking solutions, instead of digging for problems. I loved the authenticity and wonder of exploring and discovering ‘what’s working’, like a child opening a longed for present on her birthday, and I carry that with me always." 

                                                                                                                                           -- Lilian Ing,  Reg Clin Psych (MA), Executive Coach (PCC-ICF)

"Both my work and personal life have been transformed in amazing ways since learning SFBT. I'm most thankful for the opportunity to learn the philosophy behind SF thinking and practice its application in day-to-day work with clients. I strongly recommend this programme to anyone who is keen on learning how to effectively support clients in the most empowering manner!"                                                                                   -- Lee Yi Ping, Senior Youth Support Worker/Team Lead, CHAT

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