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The first book of its kind

Published in 2017, Solution Focused Practice in Asia demonstrates the usefulness of the solutions focused approach in the Asian context... it's aim is to stimulate the curious and inspire the converted... The examples offer creative ways in which solution focused practice can be used... with the hope that practitioners will give Solution Focused practice serious consideration as a viable, evidence-based approach. Available from multiple sources online.

This is an impressive book. -- Harry Korman

This is a showcase book, a convincing account of how a solution focused approach can be applied to almost any area of life in any part of the world. -- Chris Iveson

This book can and should be read by anyone interested in understanding the full scope of SF practices... -- Yvonne Dolan

... you will find many inspiring new ideas on how SF work can be done, in ways that will work throughout the world. -- Therese Steiner

This book is more than yet another book on SF practice... Debbie, Dave, Jane, and Alan have achieved a mammoth task... -- John Henden

 Seventeen of the 48 authors at the Feb. 2017 book launch.

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Solution Focused Practice Around the World provides an exploration of the diverse uses of SF and offers fascinating insights into how the Solution Focused approach is currently used in many applications around the globe. ​​All practitioners of the Solution Focused approach globally as well as those working in the wider fields of therapy, social work, education, coaching and human resources will benefit from this text and the applicability of the inherent theories to their area of expertise.

Solution Focused Practice Around the World is an important contribution to all SF practioners worldwide. The edited book by Dierolf, Hogan, van der Hoorn and Wignaraja displays both depth and breath. Topic areas vary from applying SF principles to music, to working with refugee torture survivors. All practitioners, regardless of their discipline, can benefit from the creative applications of the SF model in this edited book. -- Sara (Smock) Jordan,

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