What Kind of Support Do You Need?

Comforting Hands

Confidential Psychotherapy

Debbie Hogan is a psychotherapist with over 26 years experience in the mental health field. She holds a BS in Psychology and an MS in Counseling from the USA. Prior to moving to Singapore, Debbie worked in community mental health and psychiatric care for seven years.  She has extensive experience working with psychiatric issues, was the director of an Acute Psychiatric Crisis Care Unit in the US and served as a consultant to local and state psychiatric hospitals.

►Debbie is currently in Private Practice and specializes in marriage and family therapy. She works with adults and children of all ages within a wide range of clinical issues.

 Professional Qualifications

  • BS (Psy) MS (Counseling)

  • Board Certified, American Psychotherapy Association

  • Advanced Certificate in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy

  • Certified SF Therapist

  • Master SF Practitioner

  • Master Clinical Member

  • Clinical Supervisor

Individual Therapy

  • Grief & Loss

  • Anxiety & Stress

  • Depression

  • Relocation and Transition

  • Cross-Cultural Issues

  • Trauma & Crisis

  • Relationship Issues

  • Work – Life Satisfaction

Adolescent Therapy

  • School Bullying

  • School Refusal

  • Managing Parental Expectations

  • Self-Harming Behavior

  • Anxiety & Depression

  • Third Culture Kid Issues

  • Peer pressure

Marital Therapy

  • Infidelity

  • Conflict Management

  • Dealing with Adoption

  • Parenting Issues

  • Relocation and Transition

  • Cross-Cultural Issues

  • Depression

  • Anxiety & Stress