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Guaranteed quality

  • This program is accredited as ACTP by the International Coach Federation, the international gold-standard for coach training programs guaranteeing the international recognition of the quality of the training.

International recognition of your graduation certificate

  • With our graduation certificate you can apply for the ACTP track certification by the International Coach Federation which guarantees the validity and international recognition of your training and training certificate.

  • Includes all training hours for certification as Professional Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation. A “one-stop-shop”, it is unnecessary  to assemble other training hours and documentation. An ACTP training is the most hassle-free way to gain certification.

  • You can stop after 60 hours to get certified as ACC. This allows you to apply for ICF membership (once you have your 100 hours of coaching experience) and gain recognition as a professional coach before having assembled the 500 client coaching hours necessary for PCC.

Comfortable, flexible, efficient and from your desk or home

  • Your time investment is 4 hours live online training every other week. Even busy people can find time to profit from our training without putting a strain on their life. Since you are being coached as well as learning to coach, your life will probably become even easier.

  • Participate online and from your desk, saving you valuable hours, time and energy from traveling.

  • The sessions are run with Zoom: as easy to connect as a mouse click. There is friendly support for technophobes. Offline material is available in a modern “Moodle” environment. You can access the learning material whenever you want, wherever you are, which gives you optimal flexibility and choice on where and how to spend your time.

  • A small group with a maximum of 12 participants, with breakout rooms in the virtual environment, make the training highly interactive with lots of hands-on practice and feedback so that you learn fast, efficiently and effectively.

Optimal preparation for coaching in a global environment

  • The training is truly global and set up so that people from all over the world can join (Asia, Europe, American time-zones). Meet, be coached by and learn to coach global participants. Perfect practice for today’s world.

  • The training includes basic skills plus wide range of coaching specialties (team coaching, coaching in organisational development, coaching in change management, coaching in conflict situations) so that your future coaching practice is not limited to hour long one-on-one sessions but can be used in versatile ways in today’s global business environment.

  • The training is highly practical and transferable to your work life and perfect for global managers, leaders, coaches, HR, freelancers. Solution-Focused coaching is effective, pragmatic, ethical, non-invasive and respectful, bullshit-free and easily adaptable to many situations.


Our “Solution Focused Fundamentals” coach training contains all training hours necessary for the certification as Associate Certified Coach (ACC). The “Solution Focused Coaching in Organisations” training and the “Solution Focused Fundamentals” training together contain the 125 coach training hours required for certification as Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation.

For certification with the ICF either ACC or PCC, you only have to:

  • pay the ICF credentialing fee

  • submit your client log to the ICF

  • submit your SolutionsAcademy certificate

  • pass the ICF coach knowledge exam (an online multiple choice test)

  • receive 3 mentor coaching hours by an ICF credentialed coach (not included in the program, cost if you do it with us is 150 € per hour, you can submit coaching tapes in English, German, French, Spanish or Russian)


More information about the accreditation can be found at www.coachfederation.org – you will come in under the ACTP-track (the easiest and cheapest version). For detailed information, please click the menu under the header “coach training” and you will see the various courses and their start and end date plus a detailed description.

Language of the program

English, German, Italian

Technical requirements

We use ZOOM as a platform: www.zoom.us. You will need a headset, webcam, or phone dial-in.

Intended participants and student requirements

We aim at attracting a diverse international group of a maximum of 10 participants from all over  Europe, America, Middle East, Africa and Asia:  leaders, consultants, HR-professionals, coaches who work in corporations, the social sector, education or NGOs. We believe that diversity of coaching issues, personality and cultural background will make our learning group richer and more challenging for the participants.

Policies on withdrawals and refunds

To register please write an email to  admin@sf-academy.com. We will let you know whether there are still spaces available and send you a contract if there are. Your registration is finalized once we have your signed contract back. Invoicing usually happens 4 weeks prior to the course. The course can be paid in installments and we expect to have been paid in full before the end of the program. Cancellation is possible without charge up to 4 weeks prior to the first session.  If you cancel two weeks before the first session, 50% of the course fees need to be paid and after 1 week prior to the first session, the whole fee must be paid or a replacement participant needs to be nominated.

Your investment

  • “SF Coaching Fundamentals”: 2700 € (VAT 19% if invoiced to Germany or inside the European Union if you do not have a VAT number)

  • “SF Coaching in Organisations”: 3400 € (VAT 19% if invoiced to Germany or inside the European Union if you do not have a VAT number)

  • Whole program: 2700 € plus 3400 € = 6100 € (VAT including 19% if invoiced to Germany or inside the European Union if you do not have VAT)

  • Payments can be made in instalments. We expect to have been paid in full by the end of the program.

  • If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us: admin@sf-academy.com

Lead Instructors

Kirsten Dierolf  Debbie Hogan  Dave Hogan  Dr. Svea van der Hoorn

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