The Academy of Solution Focused Training offers 3 international gold standard certifications

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The Academy of SFT is an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) with the International Coach Federation (ICF) of 125 Hours. Training leads to Associate Certified Coach (ACC) at Level 1 of 60 hours and Professional Certified Coach (PCC) after completion of Level 1 and Level 2 via the PCC-ACTP pathway.

ICF started in 1995 as a non-profit organization for fellow coaches to support each other and began its quest to raise the profile of professional coaching. ICF created Core Competencies and built a Code of Ethics, setting the standard in

the coaching field. ICF also defined accreditation standards to ensure consistency in coach training, and developed an ICF Credentialing system.

ICF Credentials:

  • Associate Certified Coach, ACC

  • Professional Certified Coach, PCC

  • Master Certified Coach, MCC

The Academy of SFT is a founding member of the International Alliance of Solution Focused Teaching Institutes (IASTI), established in Malmö, Sweden in 2010. The member Institutes represent training institutes all over the world who are committed to high quality training standards in the Solution-Focused model.


IASTI member Institutes represent a longstanding tradition in providing Solution-Focused therapy, coaching, consulting, supervision and training and have a long tradition in being actively involved in the development of Solution-Focused practices. IASTI member insti-

tutes participate in Peer Quality Review

to maintain fidelity and high standards

of training.


IASTI Certifications:

  • Solution Focused Practitioner

  • Advanced SF Practitioner

  • Master Solution Focused Practitioner

The Academy of SFT was the first to bring Solution Focused certification to Asia in 2004. Accredited by the Canadian Council of Professional Certification (CCPC) to provide SF certification in Therapy and Coaching, with the first appointed External Examiner and instrumental in the development and approval by the Board of CCPC to include Certified Solution Focused Coach designation.


The CCPC was established for the purpose of recognizing the accomplishments and certification of  professionals working in specific disciplines and to accredit training programs that meet the high standards for international training.


CCPC Certifications: 

  • Solution Focused Therapist

  • Solution Focused Practitioner

  • Solution Focused Coach

"One of my best life choices was to take up the Solutions Focused Coaching Programme with the Academy of Solutions Focused Training.  Founders and Trainers Dave and Debbie Hogan are top in the field.  They have faithfully nurtured a community of Leading Trainers and Practitioners from around the world to advance the Solutions Focused learning and development."

-- Koh Juat Muay

     Life and Communications Coach



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