Benefits of Coaching

We believe that people have the capabilities and competencies to achieve what is important to them.  Coaching is about collaboration and building trust.  Listening for important clues that the client reveals and finding the keys to further enhance what they want to achieve.  Clients have inner resources that sometimes are forgotten and coaching can be a pathway to exploring past successes that can be utilized in the present to build a successful and hopeful future.

Coaching can be a very valuable personal and professional experience.  The personal skills individuals can develop through coaching are amongst the most sought after qualities in the modern business world. Coaching has become more relevant because people are seeking personal growth and assistance in clarifying desired changes and

direction for their life instead of analyzing and diagnosing their personal issues. Coaching can provide an avenue to help you have clarity, be more productive, find a clearer direction and get unstuck. Coaching can enhance the chances of you resolving your own issues and be a catalyst for powerful, sustainable changes in your life.

Executive Coaching for Managers, CEO's, Leaders, Corporate Staff

Whether you are leading a team or directing a company, working with a coach can help you gain clarity in the changes you want as a leader, and co-creating meaningful steps to help you achieve what you want.  Coaching can be an avenue for gaining greater clarity, clearer direction, and raise awareness to help you be an even more effective leader.

Life Coaching for Individuals

Working with a coach can be a catalyst for taking important steps toward the desired changes you want in your life, which can lead to more satisfaction and passion to do what is important.

"The training that I have received through the Academy of Solution Focused Training has been world class, with courses and workshops delivered by talented local and overseas trainers. What sets the ASFT apart, is the care, attention and heart that its founders Debbie and Dave Hogan bring to the training. They have flown the Solution Focused flag in Singapore and Asia for many years, bringing this empathetic and forward-looking way of working to countless professionals in dozens of industries." -- Phil Meehan, PCC, CCC, Meehan Wellness Pte. Ltd

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